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Manpower is a part of ManpowerGroup family of companies creating and delivering innovative HR and workforce solutions that enable the companies across the globe win in the changing world of work for nearly 70 years. Regionally we are one of the leading companies in the employment services industry and have been successfully operating in Lithuania for 12 years already. With the offices located in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda we are capable of delivering a range of services in any location of the country for the entire employment and business cycle including recruitment (permanent and contract), direct search (ethical headhunting), candidates’ assessment and selection, staffing (temporary employment), outplacement, outsourcing, HR consultation.
Locally we have an extensive track record of executing top-class customer service, large scale project management and delivering innovative HR solutions to “Fortune 500” and other industry leaders, major international and domestic companies, including small, medium and large enterprises that operate in progressively growing industry sectors and are exclusively specializing mostly in such segments as sales, services, finance & technology.
Sekti įmonės skelbimus Dalintis Profilio peržiūrų: 47.100
5 darbo pasiūlymai
Paskelbta Pareigos, įmonė Miestas Galiojimas
Prieš 6 d.665

ADMINISTRATORIUS, -Ė Manpower Lit 1.200 €

Vilnius Liko 25 d.
Manpower Lit
Prieš 7 d.806

Prekybos atstovas,-ė (MERCHANDISER) Manpower Lit 1.200 €

Vilnius Liko 24 d.
Manpower Lit
Prieš 18 d.1.458

Kosmetikos pardavėja,-as - konsultantė,-as Manpower Lit 1.200 €

Vilnius Liko 13 d.
Manpower Lit
Prieš 25 d.2.269

Vadybininkas,-ė (danų kalba) Manpower Lit Nuo 2.100 €

Kaunas Liko 6 d.
Manpower Lit
Prieš 28 d.2.526

Process Engineer Manpower Lit Nuo 1.860 € iki 2.920 €

Kaunas Liko 3 d.
Manpower Lit
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